Dual currencies

I have 2 bank accounts; 1 in USD ( for billing of international customers ) and 1 in SGD ( for local customers ). Hence my invoices will be in both currencies, depending on whom I invoice. Can I specify which invoice is in USD or SGD, and when receiving payments, that it will be parked under the respective bank accounts?

Yes, you can do it. There is new guide covering multi-currency in Manager.

See: http://www.manager.io/guides/multi-currency/

@lubos, can I run a dual currency account that are independent of each other without need to use exchange rate?
The reason is because I want to account for all money I receieve in USD and NGN in my office for the purpose of making local hardware purchases or paying online subscription or advertising. These monies are independent of one another and purchases from both currencies ae not directly related. What can I do?

You cannot do what you ask, because balance sheet, income, and expense accounts are consolidated and use the exchange rates to convert secondary currencies into your base currency.

@Tut, any advise as to what I can do? or open sepate business account for both situations?

You can designate separate cash accounts to be in different currencies. That is no problem. You can enter transactions in different currencies when they involve those cash accounts denominated in separate currencies. You can create invoices in separate currencies.

But your question was whether you could do this without exchange rates. That you cannot do, because Manager could not then balance double-entry transactions and report the summary results.