Share button includes avilable programs & apps on device

In the future, maybe merging the PDF & Email buttons under “Share” button can be perfect for some users especially if it will give the ability to share the screen/report…etc on any program or app Like outlook, Whatsapp …etc.
Thank you!

There are three obstacles to this suggestion, @Yaser:

  • The PDF function is no longer supported. It remains in the program only as a legacy feature for use by those for whom it works. (There are many variables that influence that.) So you will not see the developer incorporate it into another feature.
  • It would add an extra step. First you would have to click your suggested Share button, then make the selection of what to do next.
  • You would be introducing potential compatibility and interface problems with the other applications you mention if they were also included.
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Thank you for the detailed explanation,
Maybe in the future can have a solution for this when Manager io becomes a mobile app.

Manager already is functional on mobile devices.