Settlement Discount

I’m currently thinking of offering a settlement discount to a customer that a very slow payer.
The objective is that if they pay on time, they won’t be penalised unless their account is overdue.
I’m currently using V and have had a look at the Forum and Guides and have worked out how to do this part:
I’m also assuming that I should include the due date at the top of the invoice:
The problem that I have however is that the invoice total doesn’t show any mention of the settlement terms:
I was hoping that someone may be able to point me in the right direction so that the following details will show up on the invoice
I’m guessing that I’ve most likely missed one of the steps somewhere so I’m hoping that someone may be able to set me straight :slight_smile:

Well, the due date is already 21 days from the invoice date so it doesn’t make any sense to provide an early discount when payment is made within also 21 days.