Late Payment Fee Set Up Issues

Hey there.

I have a question for everyone.

For our late payment fees, we want to charge 15% monthly to our overdue accounts. But we do not want to charge them the fees until they are 30 days overdue from the due date of their payment. In other words, they have 30 days after the DUE DATE to pay, before they are charged the fees. Is there any way of doing this? I would like to keep the invoice due date the original payment due date. I just want the interest to kick in 30 days after that date, not the day after the due date like it is doing right now.

Thanks in advance.

You cannot set the due date for 30 days and have the late fees kick in at 60. Probably the best way to handle this would be enter late fees manually by editing the sales invoice once it is overdue. Add a line for the late fee and manually enter the amount.

Thank you. Much appreciated