Setting opening balance for customers

I have a customers list and their balance may vary some of them are debit and some are credit
and I can’t find a way to choose between “Debit or Credit” when entring their opening balance for the first time
I am using the latest version 22.1.12

Hello @ibnrawaha
Customers Are Your Debtors And They Always Had Debit Balance Unless They Have Paid you More Than The Invoice Amount and want to set-off excess Against Future Purchases.
And This Forum is Only For Discussion About Manager Only And Your Question is Related to basics of Accounting.
I Will Suggest you to Learn Accounting First And Then Read The Guides of manager.

@ibnrawaha is asking about Manager; they noted the version number of the program.

In short, to set an opening balance for a customer that is a debit, you would create a
pre-starting date invoice for the amount; to set an opening balance that is a credit, you would enter the amount in “Available Credit” when setting up the customer.

This link should provide more specific guidance;

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