Please for the starting balance for customer should be debit not credit

please for the starting balance for customer should be debit not credit and also for the supplier should be credit not debit

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It sounds like you need to read the Guides about starting balances for customers and suppliers.

Either one can be in credit or debit, but procedures for setting starting balances depend on which. The Guides include instructions and examples.

@Mamdouh_Shalaby if starting balance for customer is debit, then you need to enter individual unpaid sales invoices which will establish starting balance in debit. The same applies to suppliers.

Why not having the two options available.
Like Available Credit / Debit and the user chooses.
I think it would give more flexibility to the opening balances.
I know that we can use sales invoices or purchase invoices to do so.
But sometimes it is better just to use the opening balance option.

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Two reasons:

  1. When you enter unpaid invoices, you can issue customer statements to your customers from day 1 on Manager.
  2. And when you generate reports on cash-basis, Manager needs to know what’s on those invoices. Whether they are subject to tax etc. so cash-basis reports are accurate.

How does that affect the P\L statement?
If I entered invoices I will need to enter products ( which is in itself a problem because I will need to enter previous purchases and even a bigger problem when you have production orders).
So my question here is how could one know what product is owed by each customer?

@BawarYassin no need to use Items column for those historical invoices. Just Account column to specify appropriate general ledger account.

Sales figures from past invoices are introduced into financial statements on cash-basis when actually paid. That’s why it’s important to enter those historical invoices individually.

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Thanks for clarifying. I used an Opening Journal Entry to solve this myself. I created an empty invoice for each customer and used a journal entry to assign the total of previous invoices to each customer on the empty invoice

thats correct sir. they need to adjust that part too.

@Lubos the developer already explained the 2 reasons why this should stay as is. The solution he offered is better than the one @BawarYassin applied as it would avoid using unnecessary journal entries.