Problems with inventory


I have spent all afternoon reading guides and watched some videos but I cannot work out why my sales invoices are not decreasing my inventory.

I am completing my sales invoice from by choosing items from my inventory. After I create the invoice, I receive the money for it. I go to my inventory and it still says that I have the full compliment of stock. The qty on hand has not decreased.

Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong? I am about to give up and go back to an exel spreadsheet. :frowning:

Can you post a screenshot of a sales invoice ?
Under the BS - Equity section is there an account called Suspense showing

Did you set up Start date under Settings tab? If you did, then only invoices after start date will have effect on inventory.

I am on my tablet at the moment so can’t get a screen shot. No the account showing is no ‘suspense’ it is ‘inventory’. I noticed that when I choose the item from the drop down then it automatically chooses the inventory account instead of the ‘suspense’ one.


Hi Lubos,

The start date is two days before the sales invoice. I am going to try again today starting from scratch and see how it goes.


Here is the screen shot of the invoice

Ok, can you go to Inventory Items and click on the Value on Hand (blue figure) for the Back Sack item and then post a screenshot

Also can you click on the edit next to the Back Sack item and post a screenshot, thanks

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Here you go :slight_smile:

So your invoice is dated Aug 14, 2 days after Aug 12, is that correct ?
On the Summary tab - P&L, what values are there besides the Inventory - Sales and the Inventory - Cost accounts ? Is this your only sales Invoice so far ?

What date is your Receive Money transaction ?
Under Summary tab, Set Period do you have Cash or Accrual basis selected, if Cash change to Accrual and see if there is any change ?

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I think you may have found the problem. I think it may be the date on my ‘received money transaction’.

Before I answer all of the other questions I will look into that and let you know.