Inventory issue

Some days ago,I asked for help regarding to the INVENTORY VS STARTING DATE, I got answers from 2 gentleman from the forum,something that I appreciated, Thank you very much… Going back to the program, I Found what I though.

If you set an inventory of a new product on may 2016, it does not make any sense, that those items, could be reflected on 2014 when you make a report, even more if the company does not have any inventory prior to may 2016.

This cause that any report prior to may 2016 shows me an Inventory that did not exist. I would like to know if there is any way to correct this issue, I set my company initial balances as of October 20th 2014, and up date my books since that date.

Your support will be appreciated.

Thank you



Can you show screenshots of what you are seeing - inventory transaction, summary tab & reports
Currently you are not telling us exactly where you are looking.
On the Summary tab, what is your set period date?
What dates are you using for the reports?

Opening balances are meant to be used only when migrating an existing business from another accounting system to Manager. For inventory items that you did not have in stock when you started using Manager, you will enter no opening balance. Instead, inventory counts and values will reflect only purchase invoices, less sales and write-offs.

If you were somehow managing inventory without enabling the inventory items module, but still using Manager, and then decide to start using Manager’s inventory features, you will need to be creative in establishing the stock counts and values at the transition point.