Inventory setting

I would like to ask you a question concerning to inventory, my situation is this…

1.- I have to set an product inventory in the system.

2.- As I set my books to open business on October 2014, the program previously ask me for the date, something that I did.

3.- The inventory that I have to input, starts on April 2016, but due to the fact that I set books on 10/2014, will this inventory starts on 2014?

4.- Obviously I need the Inventory starts on April 2016, otherwise, any report prior to the real date of the inventory, will be reflected on books since 2014 which is not true.

Would you please tell me what I should do to make it the correct way?

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The inventory can only start from the date that you start using it, but do I understand you correctly ?
When the business started in 10/2014 you were not using the Inventory Items tab ?
Now you want to start using the Inventory Items tab but only from 4/2016 and you want to know how ?
Is this correct ?

The business start date is not changing so you wouldn’t change the Start Date.
The business usage of the Inventory Items tab is the proposed change and that doesn’t require any date changes.

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Sorry for the wrong info.I deleted my post.

Thanks for your help, I was unable to answer you, trying to understand how this forum works, I did it today. Now I know who to replay to a member. I created a new topic related with this issue, but first let answer your question.

When I started the business on 10/2014 I did not used the inventory tab, y open the module the day I set the inventory in april 2016.

I need to know what I have to do to start using the inventory from 4/20/2016.

Did you sell inventory before you opened the Inventory Items tab ?
If yes, then you need to take up the opening balances of the Inventory Items.
If no, then when you make your purchases by cash or credit use Account = Inventory on Hand - and select Inventory Items