Set up Payer

I am new to Manager.
I am trying to fill up the expenses part of my business. When I am setting up “New Expense Claim” I can’t write down any Payer. Can you help me and explain how to set it up please?
I suppose it is the reason why I can’t see that expense on the summary.
Thanks Ania

Expense claims are to be recorded when the person setup in capital accounts makes a contribution towards business expenses.

It is not anything related to company expenses summary.

Please read the guides and try setting up a test business to familiarize everything.

Thank you very much for your quick response

I was reading this guide all morning today. And I am still very confused. Maybe you could explain it to me on example. I bought some equipment for office. Let’s say - book and pens.

I should pay to Tesco L2.99.

How is the payer? And what type of the payer am I then?

is your business a partnership or proprietorship?
the accounting process is different for both.

If your business is a proprietorship then follow this guide

if it is a partnership, then you must enable Capital accounts from customize and record the people who belong to this capital accounts group. These names will automatically appear in the Payer section when recording an Expense claim.

Moreover, every record should be saved by selecting the proper expense or income account under the accounts Column appearing on every line. If you do not select an account, then it will not reflect in your accounts properly.

I am Ltd with two directors

I think I get it. Partly.
In Capital accounts shall I put both directors names yes? And put their sharerholders?

And Tesco (the example company) should be as "Expense Claim Payers?


This is someone you pay to. They are your suppliers.

Expense claim payers are those who pay on behalf of your company.

So what type of the catogory shall I mark If I am buying sth to run my company?

If I will put Payer - my company X. Then on invoice I have got name of my company of right and left hand side of the page.

And what type of Account shall I book it? Just choose one of the expence category?

Can I add new categorie - f.e.x office equipment (books, pens etc)?

Thank you for all your help so far

And nothing is comming up on “billable expenses”

you are confusing every other reply you provide.
first you were asking about how to make an expense claim.
now you are saying the payer is your company.

This answer is incomplete. As this Guide clearly explains, there are three types of expense claim payers.

@AnnaL, your questions indicate you are probably new to accounting. You should spend some time reading the Guides before trying to use the program for your real accounting. Create a test company and try things out. Otherwise, you are very likely to create problem you cannot undo. Then you will have to start over.

Also, the Guide @sharpdrivetek linked to about proprietorships has nothing to do with expense claims.

Thanks Tut. Yes I am new. Also foreign language doesn’t help… I am reading a lot. I did quite a lot in Manager without accouting experience but stuck on expences. Thanks anyway

Going back to your first example:

If you are an owner, with a capital account, you will be automatically set up as an expense claim payer in the Member category. But you cannot enter any expense claim unless you have a Member, Employee, or Expense Claims Payer already defined. (See the Guide.)

Assuming the purchase from Tesco was paid with your personal money, an expense claim is appropriate.

Tesco is the Payee.

You are the Payer.

Post the transaction to an expense account, such as Office supplies. You are not limited to the accounts that appear when you create the business. Add more under Settings => Chart of Accounts. Read about that in the Guides, too.

Thank you very much Tut