Need help, not accounting savvy


Hi there, I am not good with this whole not paperwork book keeping side of business. I previously had someone set up MYOB for my business and it has been a total nightmare. I am migrating my business over to manager, manually as the MYOB program is full of corrupted files, and finding it user friendly, except I am a dummy and don’t understand certain terms.
I do not have any backing from accountant etc to help me and was wondering if there is any way I can get some advice on things through the forum?
I am sure you will all think my questions are really stupid and simply fixed.
so my first question is: What or Who exactly is an ‘Expense Claims Payer’?
thank you all in advance for being patient with me.


Expense Claim Payer is the person that paid for the expenses such as the business proprietor, director, employee, etc.


That makes sense, that’s what I thought but its good to check. so, considering I am a sole trader, obviously that would be me, so when I pay a bill, say electricity, I put it through as an expense claim, not a purchase like I was doing in MYOB?
thank you for your help Tony. do you mind if I continue to post in this thread if I get stuck on anything else?


No, you put it through as an expense claim when you are paying out of your own personal pocket for a business expense. If you are paying for the expense out of business account, then its not an expense claim.

I would recommend that you read the guides and also have a look at the youtube videos in the partners section before you start doing your accounts. There is also a website called Accounting Coach that can help explain things that you don’t understand. The guides for example explain what an expense claim is

Expense claims

It will actually save you a lot of time if you read the guides first and watch the youtube videos and then do your accounts. Otherwise I guarantee you that you will make mistakes and end up having to undo a lot of transactions at the end of the year.


Hi Dalacor, thank you! that really helped A LOT!!

I have trouble watching the video’s, so I am plodding along trying to read the guides between customers.

as I said previously am transferring from another system, I am trying to update my opening balances. I cant find the opening balance section, can you please point me in the right direction?


To set opening balances, see


Awesome! thank you


Just a quick question, again, if I have a BAS debt to carry over to the new financial year. so what account would I put that amount into?

also, when I purchase bulk ‘ingredients’ to make products for inventory items - eg: bath salts/candles, how do I go about recording these, I understand purchases, but how to turn them into inventory items in manager?

Thanks again :slight_smile:


There is an account called Tax payable for which you set opening balance.

Your input items are also inventory items. To manufacture finished goods from your “ingredients”, use Manufacturing Orders tab. See


I would suggest that you stop doing any accounting and first go to settings and customise. Look at each option in settings and each option in customise and go through the help guides to see what each option does - also look at the youtube videos as that will help as well.

It is far better if you understand what features the program has and what settings are and understand what each one does then you will be able to do your accounts better. Remember that when you add more features in customise it will add more settings in the settings section as well as on the LHS. So you may need to check the settings again after adding.

I spent about four weeks testing out Manager and trying out the different settings and features in Manager before I actually started using the accounts for my business. Its always worthwhile to invest time at the beginning getting it right as that will make your job a whole lot easier later on.


Thank you :smile:


Theres a basic accountancy course on coursera run by Wharton which is pretty good.

Additionally, the forum definitely has the answers to almost all the roadblocks you could encounter while using manager.

But i second what Dalacor said, I went through three ‘companies’ testing how to use manager. Additionally i would suggest creating a dummy account if you are importing information into manager, just to see how the information reads once it is imported.

For any other help you need, feel free to hit me up, however I should warn you, I’m as bad if not worse at this whole paperwork book keeping side.