Expense claims

when I record expense claims
I found that i couldn’t record the payee or the account that transaction withdrawal from it ?

Show screenshots asi t is not clear what you miss. The typical form is as below

i see in row of payee the name of persons is appeared from what i recorded in capital account not from cash or bank

Read the guides Use expense claims | Manager Only Creating expense claim payers

Expense claims may be entered only for the following three types of Payers:

  1. Members created in the Capital Accounts tab, including partners and sole traders/proprietors using capital accounts.
  2. Employees created in the Employees tab.
  3. Expense Claim Payers defined under Settings, including directors, proprietors not using capital accounts, and all other persons.
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yes i got it you mean that every person can take custody not only capital holders but also employers and directors .

Anyone in one of the three categories mentioned can be an expense claim payer.

You also mentioned the absence of cash or bank accounts. That is because expense claims are for expenses paid from personal funds, not company cash or bank accounts.

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the last question may be the capital holder is the director in comopany and also take custody from previous periods
so the name of him is duplicated in paid by row
will it affect account or can i choose any one ?

All that is explained in the Guide linked above.

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Can you give some examples as I wonder if you are using expense claims as intended.

i got that expenses claims not from bank or cash but can be after that from persons as directors ,capital holders and employee
the problem in that that it is duplicated as the capital holder also is director and he is the one who take custody
so it has many effect on many accounts
so it appears for example custody of Ahmed on current assets
and Ahmed on employee clearing account

Please as asked provide examples of what you use expense claims for. There is nothing complicated about it and it works as expected so we try to help with the best solution for what you are trying to achieve.

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thank you I recognized it by choosing the name or account of person from drop -down list

So please mark as as solved.