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I am Ltd with two directors. I have set up Capital Acc for both of the directors. As far as I understood it should automatically showed them as Expanse Claim Payer

“Since you are not using Capital Accounts, you will first need to create yourself as an expense claim payer under Settings. This establishes your individual subaccount. You do this only once. If you had a capital account, you would automatically be an expense claim payer.”
( said Tut on May 2016 Balancing sub accounts)

When I am trying to make a new Expense Claims I have an option to choose from Members and employees, NO Expense Claim Payer.

Shall I add the manually? Or I have made some misteak?


Therefore your Capital Accounts should ONLY equal the value of the issued shares.
All other transactions relating to the Directors should go via BS - Liabilities - Directors Loan A/cs.

Under Expense Claims - Members is equal to the Capital Account “members” but this is only applicable to partnerships, not LTD with Directors.

To create Expense Claim Payer for Directors go to Settings - Expense Claim Payer


The post you quoted was primarily addressing capital account usage. Expense claims were mentioned only peripherally. Complete guidance with illustrations can be found in the Guide: In particular, note the section titled Creating expense claims payers.


ok… I am a little confused now… So can you advise me how to write down the shareholders I gave when started the Ltd company?


The cleanest way is to activate under Customise - Capital Accounts.
Go to Capital Accounts tab and create the Shareholders
0 Cap Acct S-holders

Go to Settings - Chart of Accounts and rename Capital Accounts to Issued Shares
0 Cap Acct - Issue Share

Now you enter a transaction for the shares issued
0000000 Bug 3

So the BS - Equity looks like this
0000000 Bug 3a