Server edition updates?

Hello ,
I am interested to buy server edition for 320 eur
however I have a question.

If I pay 320 I will have updates for only one year and then I have to repay another 320 to update to the latest version?

or I pay once 320 and I whenever there is update available I install it in the server?

You can update for free for one year, no matter how many updates there are during that year. From then, you could continue to use your last update forever. But, if you want to continue to be able to update, you must buy a new license for the next year. In other words, the license entitles you to updates for one year, but you always have the right to use the software forever.

If I’m not wrong, the maintenance fee should be 50% of the buy price… so 160 euro for the 2nd year