Maintenance fees

I want to ask about maintenance fees, is it free for ever or only free in the first year.

It looks like you are referring to the server edition. The license is forever, meaning you always own the version you purchased. Updates are free for one year. After that, you can still keep using the software, but you will not be able to update it unless you renew the license. Renewals are discounted if done during the year.

Do you know if there is a reminder before the expiration of the year?

I do not know.


How much is the update fees And is it included maintenance or just update?

Pricing is at the page you already posted a screen shot from: Server Edition | Manager. Discount is currently 50% for renewal during the license term.

I need the price for the update for free trail , not for cloud edtion please , i know the price 390$ for cloud edtion . But i need price for free trail newall after the year ends … regards

The free trial is free. There is no renewal. Whenever you decide you are done with the trial, you must buy your server license at the price indicated for your currency on the page I linked.