Server Edition Purchase, Installation and Modification

Hello Tut

I appreciate the work you do here. Its really changing the way we do business.
I am interested in Purchasing the Server Edition. I will however like to find out some few things.

*Do you assist or offer service in installation on private own server??
*Do you offer services that allow for little adjustment of software to meet local realities??

  • Is there an Android App in view for this software??

Please kindly let me know.
For the record, this is the most straight forward accounting software I have ever met. Good job

The answers to your questions are no, no, and no.


If you need assistance to install the server version, that suggests that the cloud version might be a better fit for your needs and abilities

Any android device with a browser can access the cloud version

Thanks. Thats comforting. Just wondering if can do some some modifications if one subscribes to the Cloud Version(Just Light) Modifications.
It will really help in my local business

The program is not customized for anyone, with or without a subscription. I see you joined the forum more than 2 years ago. I don’t know if you have been using the program that long. But it is highly customizable.

If you have specific things you are trying to accomplish, but don’t know how, ask on the forum.

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Thanks alot. I will see how to better present my questions. I have been using it. Its a great solution.