Server edition download

The serve edition can be downloaded from the link in the guide * Self-Hosting: Self-host a Manager installation

The resultant zip file appears to have the minimum files to run a “White Labeled server”.

An alternative is to install the desktop version on the server.
The resultant program directory contains

  • current help file links, appropriate for users hosting their own server and purchasing it directly from NG Software

  • All the server files except “ManagerServer.deps.json” and “ManagerServer.runtimeconfig.json”

  • Additional files to support running the desktop version

For users who want to use the NG Software version of the self hosted server (complete with current help files), it would be convenient if the main download link included the two missing files.

By the way running the “ManagerServer.exe” in a normal desktop server installation does seam to work OK however I suspect doing so results in the password file being stored in a strange place. Newer versions have also started reporting a “ManagerServer.deps.json” can not be found error.

I am not sure what you are talking about. I updated Manager server yesterday or the day before and it has both the ManagerServer.deps.json file and ManagerServer.runtimeconfig.json.

The password file on my server is stored in the same location as my businesses.

If you do a desktop installation, the installation has the server files except the two listed above. The ManagerServer.exe can be run and doing so mostly appears to work.

Oh I see. I misunderstood what you meant. I have re-read your post and see where you are coming from now.