Server Edition Down

Thank you for your guide, It shows me a path to windows\system32.…\appdata\local\manager, only a new 0000000000000.manager in it. I still don’t know how to find out the old data.
Maybe the windows file search can’t find out the file in system folder? How can I search it?

try looking in C:\Users\ “%username%” \AppData\Local\Manager
without “” and spaces

Try Everything. Search other drives if you have.
Also please copy paste the result from It cannot be something starting with windows/system32 … If so youo have some really weird instalation.


Do we have any logs record the old path?

This is it, there is only one path where Manager Server stores your business data files and that is what you are seeing. Old files as you are saying can only be obtained if you backed up. And I do not think you did that, else you will know where you backed up your old files to. Manager Server does not automatically back up your files for you.

So just one windows auto update and Manage lost all it’s files? So sorry that I pick this so unreliable software…sad…

and no one officially answer how can I get my product key back, I paid for it!!!

1- windows update problem not manager nobody know what windows messed up in that update
2- didnt you find the manager files? in C:\Users\ “put your username here” \AppData\Local\Manager
without “” and spaces
3-manager do give easy option of backup
4-you are writing in the general forum for your product key write to @lubos for it

P.S Manager has the greatest support i have seen until now in a software both from users and developers

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thank you, I found some manager files in C:\Users\ “put your username here” \AppData\Local\Manager
without “” and spaces, but the files’ modified date are months ago , they should be data for the desktop edition I use before.

C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Manager try open manually this folder maybe is acces denied for manager after the update
opening manually you will se if your old files are there

is not first time windows 10 messes up that folder, a quick search on google will prove it

if you dont find nothing there
you can try a system restore maybe and i say maybe it will help, if it help store the files somwhere else

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Open Explorer and browse to C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Manager\ . Post screenshot here. Make sure View/Show Hidden items in Explorer Window - is checked.

Horay!!! I found the old data files in

What can I do to restore the system?

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This seems relevant: Manage application data folder contents | Manager

What are the contents of the 0000…000.manager file if you open it in a plain text editor like Notepad?

It was probably 1803 to 1809 Windows Update.
This is why data is never stored in Windows Folder. Move it to some other folder and use it from there.

Copy from here:

To here:

As an immediate fix. A more permanent fix would be:

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Would the Cloud edition be a better fit for you?

The Server edition is for people who have the competency to install, administer and manage server-based applications including backups

Or else make sure you gain sufficient knowledge about Windows & servers based applications to ensure that backups are taken regularly and stored in a safe place ie not on the server


Agreed completely with @Joe91.

Other benefits of Cloud Edition that you (@premier1) may be interested in:

  • Access your accounting system from any device, online.
  • Automatically kept up-to-date, so you get the latest and greatest features without any extra effort.

You should still take regular backups though, even on Cloud Edition. All that involves is a button click.

well in short if you’re not ready to be sysadmin. Be paid user the vendor will do it for you. You can try duplicati or synchthing (combo with this Automatic backups script for Windows) as your alternative backup. If I were you, stick with linux as headless server, because windows now force update without your consent to say ‘no’ unless you mod it with custom windows os.

Ask me anything related to how to run Manager on docker with OMV os. I answer for you, since I’m using it right now. and access it using windows 10.

I am afraid I will have to disappoint you for two reasons: first what is unreliable here is windows, not Manager and second YOU SHOULD ALWAYS KEEP A 3 -2 -1 backup: 3 versions, in 2 different media and the 1 offsite :slight_smile: By the way I would NEVER run Manager Server on Windows !!! I hope this helps you in the future…