Server Edition disappeared

@Davide is correct. Most releases recently are associated with the new localization features and reflect fine-tuning of report transformations, additions of new tax codes, etc. Depending on where you are, there might not be anything in a new release that affects you at all, and almost certainly won’t be anything detectable unless there is an announcement on the Releases page.

Please Tut, I am using server version 19.2.79. How do I download the latest version; and

How do I monitor subsequent releases?

Thank you.

read the topic completely. relevant answers were already provided.

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Thanks @ Davide

Found this thread in search of the effectively invisible server edition. If I were a software company I also would favor the subscription model but as a user I hate it. Always prefer an actual purchase over rental.
It’s an interesting change to the purchase of the server edition and gives me concern for it’s long term support.
Thanks for still making it available.

If you have read this entire thread, you will have seen that the commitment to the server edition remains. In fact, the developer announced above his intent to add more tools to make the server edition more useful.

The only thing that has changed is that rather than buying a license for the server edition, which allowed free updates for one year, you now buy the cloud edition on the annual plan and get the self-hosting license as part of the deal. So, both previously and now you are paying for a one-year license to obtain updates. In both the older and newer cases, you could keep using the server edition forever, only losing the ability to update after one year.

Those who said “server edition” and “cloud edition” should be separate. You were right.

In the end, I couldn’t really find a way to merge both editions into a single bundle without over-complicating things. Both have different value propositions. Both are evaluated differently. Both are priced differently (one is a subscription, the other one is one-time purchase). I thought having just one free edition and one paid edition would make things simpler - it turns out it didn’t make anything simpler.

Server edition link: Server Edition | Manager


Thank you @lubos. Great to hear your decision on these editions.

@lubos Please also advise on the pricing for upgrading server edition after first 12 months of free maintenance. Thanks.

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I agree. Please state clearly the cost of the maintenance fee for the following years.

Maintenance was the same for the first and subsequent years in the past. Given there is no other price, what makes people think there’s a different price. Or to put it a different way what should Lubos change to remove the ambiguity.

From a broader level, a supplier has to choose if they keep the barrier to entry low or the charge more at start up when support costs maybe higher. Lubos has kept startup cost low which is probably a good thing.

And across the product line, the yearly software cost for the self hosted version is similar to the cloud version.

Maintenance fee has never been that clear.

Mmm I had forgotten about that old post.

Depending on what pricing structure Lubos now wants, I suppose the system could be programmed to send an invoice when server 12 months expires and if not paid in the 7-30 days (& user didn’t renew their maintenance prior then user would need to pay the full price to restart maintenance.

If in practice few people renew on time then motivation to set up the system maybe low. Resulting in maintenance renew is the same pa as hosted for everyone.

I will be updating the website but here are the figures for clarity:

Renewing within 12 months - 75% discount
Renewing after 12 months - 50% discount

So either way, no existing customer will have to pay full price regardless when they renew.


@lubos thank you
how to proceed for renew process?

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Very pleased that you have decided to go back to keeping them separate as they both have different value propositions.

I would recommend that you create a chart with Desktop, Cloud and Server Options listed and ticks in boxes with what each product supports. This makes it very easy for users to compare the differences between versions.


Server edition is available at the bottom of the web page.
Read the bottom line.
“Server edition” is clearly there for every one to get access to.
On another note, I am currently working on an install for QNAP servers.

Is there an option for automatic renewal or a reminder of the expiration date?