Series of Number at printed documents

Serie of Numbers

Can I propose an idea to be implemented in due time

To create at settings a tab with series of numbers for all printed outgoing documents; such as invoices, quotes, purchase, receipts, et

Invoices with have the number starting with INVXXXXXX

Sales Quotes will have the number starting with SQXXXXX

Sales Orders will have the number starting with POXXXXX

Quotations will have the number starting with QOUXXXXX

Price request will have the number starting with RFQxxxxxxxx


The start letters and the number layout can be made up as ABCXXXXXX or AXXXXX

If the reference is set to automatic every time a print is made the last number plus 1 will be taken.

Your comment or response is appreciated



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I wouldn’t have my hopes up, unfortunately, especially since this has been discussed countless times but there seems to be no interest to revive this feature that was scrapped since 2014.

@Ealfardan; I did a search at the forum but not so long ago
Still it would be nice feature to the program

Sorry to disagree. I see 50+ results when searching for invoice prefix and all requesting this feature. @lubos explained the removal of this feature in his post of Jan. '15 but, if I’m not mistaken, the View Templates feature doesn’t exist anymore either.

A simple example from another free accounting program (and there are lots more):



I’m not disagreeing with the request and I am not dismissing it either. In fact I have been using themes to add prefixes to invoices and create a second reference.

Maybe when themes are ultimately scrapped there would be enough interest to justify adding this to ideas. Until then, it would be interesting to see what others think.