Series of Number at printed documents

Serie of Numbers

Can I propose an idea to be implemented in due time

To create at settings a tab with series of numbers for all printed outgoing documents; such as invoices, quotes, purchase, receipts, et

Invoices with have the number starting with INVXXXXXX

Sales Quotes will have the number starting with SQXXXXX

Sales Orders will have the number starting with POXXXXX

Quotations will have the number starting with QOUXXXXX

Price request will have the number starting with RFQxxxxxxxx


The start letters and the number layout can be made up as ABCXXXXXX or AXXXXX

If the reference is set to automatic every time a print is made the last number plus 1 will be taken.

Your comment or response is appreciated




I wouldn’t have my hopes up, unfortunately, especially since this has been discussed countless times but there seems to be no interest to revive this feature that was scrapped since 2014.

@Ealfardan; I did a search at the forum but not so long ago
Still it would be nice feature to the program

Sorry to disagree. I see 50+ results when searching for invoice prefix and all requesting this feature. @lubos explained the removal of this feature in his post of Jan. '15 but, if I’m not mistaken, the View Templates feature doesn’t exist anymore either.

A simple example from another free accounting program (and there are lots more):



I’m not disagreeing with the request and I am not dismissing it either. In fact I have been using themes to add prefixes to invoices and create a second reference.

Maybe when themes are ultimately scrapped there would be enough interest to justify adding this to ideas. Until then, it would be interesting to see what others think.

I’m totally agree with @Ealfardan view,
Because when I talk to few of my friends regarding choose a best accounting software for their business, As I’m a happy user of for few years, I strongly suggested Manager.
But they are much more concern about their business identity/branding, here they do not want to change the look of their long time used Invoice model and number format.
They say their clients/customers are well known about the company “A” 's invoice number format.
From a bunch of invoice listing they can simply identify company “A” 's invoices.
If I say it simply, most of the ppl want some kind of prefix in front of auto generated (+1) reference number.
They do not want references of their Invoice, Payment, Receipt, DO, PO ect. look same. (even in-house they expect some deference between these numbers.)

The way including @Ealfardan’s method of achieving it through theme also seems not carrying complete usage of it. The copy of the invoice which the customer receive only going to carry the prefix, all the reports we produce would not going to carry the prefix.(reference of his invoice copy would look different from the invoice number in any report such as customer statement)

@lubos may consider adding at least a static prefix (not dynamically changeable) prefix in front of auto incremental numbering.
I don’t think adding it will make any big complication as most of the other accounting software having this facility.
If anyone want different formats of auto incremental numbering maybe problematic as everyone want their own style of it. (some thing like auto ABC/YYMMDD/0001)
But my humble request to @lubos , I think let the auto incremental numbering be as it is and let users to add any kind of static prefix in front of number can be considered. (eg: for invoice IV/Payment PV, Delivery Note DO or anything as they wish)
(respected members/moderators please do not ask me to search in the forum regarding it, as I’ve already read most of the posts in this forum regarding the prefix for many years and replies given to it)


Dear @lubos,
Can we hear any comment form you on this matter, will there be any possibility to have just a simple prefix in front of auto reference number in near future?
or will it be in the idea for upcoming updates?

I’m not against this feature. If you want static prefix on all invoices, it will be possible.

Footers will soon support ability to “inject” variables. Once that is done, I will implement ability to have custom document headers which will work similar to footers.

That will conclude need for custom themes which are now obsolete due to being too complex for vast majority of users.


Thank you @lubos
Really happy to here that we will have it soon.

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That will conclude need for custom themes
Lubos, Please let me know what will happen to those who are using custom themes for specific purposes for example I am using it for thermal print ie:for 80mm print

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@lubos May I know will it be possible in near future?(just the static prefix)
If I know the time frame, I can promise my friends that we will get it really soon.
(after I gave them hope, now what they are doing is, create forms with auto generated reference then update again by adding prefix in front of each and every forms that they created. so they will not loose the number sequence and add prefix as their wish in an additional second step)

Time frames are not given. There’s over 200 ideas in the forum ideas categories.

Imo you are best to make decisions on program suitable based on what it can do now. Future enhancements will then be a bonus if/when they occur.

This feature is very important and as I can see, many share the opinion. It seems fairly simple to implement and would make things much more streamlined when moving over from another software.

And it general, it would make things easier to identify in different sections of the software, for example when creating reports. Instead of just seeing a number show up under reference, you would see your own custom reference numbers. Making it easier to know where exactly that info is coming from, whether it’s an invoice or quote etc.