Predefined Prefix on Invoice/Sales Documents

Hi Everyone,
I searched through the forum and see that there is quite a lot of people asking the same question about the invoice/sales document sequence numbering.
I read someone saying that if you have started with a sequence, the system will auto pick up the next, but it will only work for numbering and not alpha codes? I also read that someone said that if you want the numbering sequence to change so that I update automatically to the number you need next, is to change all the previous created invoices. Well, not sure about everyone else country, but with us, you can only issue a invoice reference ONCE in your life to a customer and once a invoice have been issued to a customer, you CANT change that invoice number.
Will it be a huge ask if we can have a Alpha code in front the numbering, without us adding it manually?
I was looking into having my invoice numbers to start with EPIC-001, EPIC-002 ect.

What extra does having a prefix (EPIC) bring to the table over the simple reference number?

Well, to explain, if I issue invoice to my customers, I use the customer code as the prefix to the invoice, for instance, the customer code is ALB003, I will make the invoice number ALB003-01, ALB003-02 ect. This helps me to make my bank rules much easier, as I will add this number in the import file. But I don’t want to ask for prefix for each customer (even though it will be great, but perhaps greedy) so a “once off” prefix will be much better than a 001 or 002.
I just find it easier to identify/recognise/see a “ALB003” type of invoice number over a 001 invoice number. Seeing that invoice have so many “figures”, the numbering type of invoice numbers start to look like “figures” to.

You can add your prefixed and still have automatic numbering. Let the system add the numbers. All will be in order. That is, you might have A001, B002, C003, etc. But you will have to add the letters manually as you are creating the invoices. This is not changing invoice numbers after they have been issued. This is altering them to your desired form while they are being created.