Sequence Numbering Between Quotes & Sales


I’m having issues configuring sequence numbering between quotes and sales.


Quote latest number is 900.
Sales latest number is 901

I would like manager to figure out the highest sequence number between quotes and sales.
Then add 1 automatically, so we get 902 for no matter what I want to create next.

Currently I have to do it manually which is kinda pain.

Would that be possible?

Manager v16.12.9

Many thanks.

This is not likely to happen, because most businesses keep separate sequences for different types of forms. It would, in fact, violate the law in some locations, where regulations require sequential numbering of sales invoices.

Thanks for that @Tut.

I would be helpful to have this option anyways, because not all businesses separate the sequences.

If you want an undifferentiated sequence, be happy Manager allows you to edit numbers. Most software that includes sequence numbers would not allow you to do that.