Creating number sequence for sales quotes and sales invoices

How do I set the convention and start sequence for sales quotes and sales invoice reference numbers?

Manager automatically assigns sequence numbers on sales invoices by adding 1 to the highest number found. By default, the first one will be #1. If you want something that, for example, indicates the year, you can overwrite the default to 20160001. The next invoice would be 20160002. But it only handles numbers, so no punctuation is allowed. At the beginning of the next year, you can overwrite the first invoice as 20170001.

Note, if you follow such a scheme, you must allow enough zeroes for the entire year’s group of invoices. Otherwise, after 20169999, you will get 20170000 rather than 201610000.


Thanks for the reply. I went the ref numbering to go M000001 for quotes and MI000001 for invoices…think I can get it to automatically do that?

No. The sequence field is a number. You can overwrite the number with anything you like. But the next time you create a new invoice, it will increment the highest existing number by one.

A pity, but thanks for the help!

Dear Tut,

I make a mistake by overwrite the sequence number. The current number is 20160899 but accidently I write as 20168099.Therefore my number is running from 20168100 and so on, I already deleted the sales quote but it is still happen. Can u help me?

Manager will always look at the highest number, then increase it by one.

So there is still some sales quote with higher number.

Hi Lubos,

Means that i cannot fix it at all? 2016 stand for year… 0899 is the sequence… the new one 20168099 (8099) is to far gap in my sequence. Can you help me?

As I said, you can fix it. It looks like you have some quote with number 20168098 therefore next generated number will be 20168098 + 1 = 20168099. Fix reference number of the quote, then next generated number will be OK.

Are you saying you have no quote with reference number 20168098? Sort quotes by reference numbers to find that quote.

Hi Lubos,

I have no quote with reference number 20168098. As to date the reference number is 20160905. Is it any way to go back to 20160906+1?

FYI I already delete the 20168099, but the system still capture this number as the higher number in the Quotation.

Hope u can help me. Thanks

When you create a new quote, what reference number is saved for that quote?

It should be the previous/last saved quote reference number +1

Yes U r correct. It should be the previous/last saved quote reference number +1.
I make a mistake by save the highers number which is 20168099. I already deleted the quote but still 20168099+1

Your screen shot is not quite clear but it appears that you have two 20160903, so perhaps your problem originates from here, if you delete 20168100 and the 20160903 dated 14th and then re-create the 14th does this resolve the numbering issue. If the numbering is automatic, you shouldn’t need to touch that field.

@lynn2822, if you want, you can send me your accounting file to I’m pretty sure you still have a quote with number 20168099 somewhere. That’s why the next quote is assigned 20168099+1

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Dear Lubos,

Thank you so much for your concern. I already discover the mistake by key in the Quo ref : QUO/2016/G/809R9. Hence the system read as 20168099, the system lift out the alphabet eg QUO/G/R.

Thank you so much for your support. My problem solved.:grin: