Separate Date column on in-built invoice

It would be nice to have a separate Date column in the standard invoice when the invoice only contains Billable Time items, so this doesn’t happen:

Currently, when the Description wraps around to a second line in the invoice, the second line begins directly underneath the date instead of indenting under the prior text. If there were a separate column for Date, it wouldn’t look so messy.

The standard invoice already “knows” whether it contains only Billable Time entries, because in such a case it uses Hours instead of Qty for the second column. So why not extend the functionality of this special-case invoice to “protect” the dates in their own column, either with or without a vertical line separating them from the textual Description?

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I think it’s good idea. There are some upcoming improvements I plan to work on when it comes to billable time and billable expenses so I keep this in mind when I’m at it.

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