Separate bank accounts in general ledger reports

Hello @Tut
Is it possible to separate the account statement of each bank from the other bank in the general ledger report?
Currently, when selecting the cash and bank account, all the accounts appear together, and this is impractical, which makes me have to export the bank statement to an external Excel file, reformat it, and add the opening balance.
Also, if you can add an opening balance selection for the period in the customized reports, it will be very useful…


Create a Control Account made up of Bank and Cash Accounts for every bank account or cash account you want to be reported separately.

Add custom control accounts | Manager

The accounts will also appear on the summary page separated.

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That is not possible. Custom reports list transactions that have been posted to the general ledger. Opening and closing balances are not transactions.

What are you really trying to accomplish? In other words, what information is important to you? Why is the Bank Account Summary report or a drill-down on the account balance in the Bank and Cash Accounts tab not suitable for your purpose?

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