Sending Customer Portal link with emailed Customer Invoice

We have some customers who for whatever reason happily skip paying certain invoices. So for them to see their “Customer Portal” is fantastic and to ensure they always have the portal link we wish to have it in the customers email as their invoices are sent / emailed.

Now I can achieve and present the “Customer Portal” link in the Invoice document itself but once converted to a PDF the hyperlink data is destroyed. (Our customers demand their Invoices sent as a PDF).


The Question
Is there a way to place / pull the “Customer Portal” link / code info into the “email part” of the email message when invoices are being emailed?

(Oops I used two different invoices when snap shotting but that is immaterial the results is the same).

Sending PDF is a legacy feature and not actively supported by the developer, it was replaced by the customer portal feature, therefore I doubt it both will be supported simultaneously.

Aware of legacy… but is there a way or is it possible to furnish the Portal link to the customer in the email part as shown below … See below.

Yes, for those customers that you enabled the portal for it would be useful to include all information including the link that is shown in the grey box under Tax Invoice. Similarly except for the view link for those using legacy PDF.

On another note I am not sure which version of Manager you are using because the check-box for the PDF has been absent in quite some recent versions.

Linux Server version 22.6.20

Actually just a thought whether legacy features are used or not used it is expected to still be able to send the Customer Portal link info in outgoing email.

Just sent an invoice email to myself and it seems like all the HTML is stripped from the message received?? (The mail client is set to handle HTML).