Selling Digital Items / subscriptions

I’ve worked my way through most of and have even created a custom invoice template successfully, but I have not found a way to add my hosting package components as items for sale, do I use inventory for this?
at the moment I am using accounts with custom descriptions but I don’t see this as being easily traceable when it comes to reporting on how many sold.
The current package im used to (Ostendo) uses descriptors as a way of having a line item that is not physical.
I plan to use recurring invoices to give easy invoicing for subscription.

example items:
1gb Hosting
2gb Hosting
3gb Hosting
5gb Hosting
Support package
Site development
Setup fee

these will all have set standard cost, so one customers invoice may have the following:

1gb Hosting x1
Support package x1

and a new customer who has multiple sites may have:

Setup fee x2
1gb Hosting x 2
Support package x 2

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Don’t use inventory, because that is for physical goods held for production or sale. Instead, use sales invoice items. See the Guide at Manager Cloud. It’s a little thin on actual instructions. Basically, though, they are shortcuts. You can set up standard descriptions, associated income account, price, applicable tax code (if any), etc. Note that the item name is primarily for searching, as it own’t appear on the standard invoice. The item code controls order of appearance.

Set them up and try a few example invoices. I think you’ll quickly see how they work and the type of text you may want in the various fields.

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Sorry for the late reply, NBN install issues have left me without internet lol,
At least ive got this going for me, worked perfect, this software is looking to be my new best friend,
Will have to go for the cloud / server version when business takes off, just to give a little back.

Please update the link. this link is broken.

See Guides | Manager

  • Enter the item of interest in the search box

  • Or better yet read the table of contents so you have an appreciation of what information is readily available. Then you will know what to search for next time.

The topic is over 5 years old - so it is not surprising links are broken as there have been many, many changes since 2016

If you search the guides using “sale items” you will find relevant guides

Please, give some advice for digital item or subsrciptions selling.

All the advice you need is in the post by Tut above

Have you actually tried using Manager in a test business to see how it would work?

You have to actually do that.
While skimming through the table if contents, you may find non inventory items of interest.

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