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I have only been trying the software for a few hours so please excuse me if I have missed something. Our inventory consists of items we have purchased for our use. We only sell these when they are no longer of use to us. Our main invoicing consists of hours at different rates and words at different rates but we do not purchase any of these. We need to see how many of these we have sold by client but so far I can only get a report on this by adding them to the inventory which is not correct as there is no purchase cost. Please can you tell me what I am missing?


Yeah, don’t use inventory items for this. I guess the best way would be to setup Sales Invoice Items under Settings tab. Currently there is no report to summarize invoices by sales invoice items but that can be easily added if there is an interest.

Also, when you purchase a computer, laptop or other office equipment for own use, it’s not an inventory item. It’s fixed asset and there is a tab for it as well (called Fixed assets)


Once again, @lubos responded faster than I could. But I will post the response I was about to send anyway.

It sounds like you should not be using the inventory capabilities of Manager at all. In accounting, inventory consists only of goods purchased or manufactured for sale (hopefully at a profit.) The items you have purchased for your own use may be fixed assets, if they are durable. (Often, this is defined–possibly by law–as a life greater than one year.) If so, you purchase them and allocate the purchase cost to Fixed Assets. See the Guides on that subject. Fixed asset investments are typically recovered through depreciation. The amount you can depreciate each year is probably subject to extensive tax regulations. If not, allocate the cost to some expense account, possibly Office Supplies, or something similar.

If you perform services at standard hourly rates, use the Billable Time module. If you charge a fixed amount per job, it can be convenient to define Sales Invoice Items. An example might be “Bicycle tune-up.” When you create a sales invoice, select the item, choose an income account to allocate to, and create your invoice.

To review how much of what you have sold, just look at the income accounts. An alternate approach, if you have not categorized everything separately but just put things into a generic income account is to drill down from your Summary page by clicking on the blue account balance. Search the resulting list for whatever item you wish. You can then export the list to a spreadsheet to play games if you wish.


@lubos @Tut @expressu The Billable time Module doesn’t allow you to add lines to your creation screen. Therefore if i am billing with time spent on different projects but to the same customer on the same invoice statement it becomes useless.

I have created an example to explain what i mean in the attached image. Remember she said her company bills with hours of different rate.

I am therefore requesting for a feature which can help @expressu.


@lubos has said we can expect further improvements and integration between Billable Time, Disbursements, and Sales Invoices. Several of us have pointed out the need to be able to create, add to, or edit a sales invoice regardless of which tab it was initiated in.