Self-Register user for Server Edition

@lubos, As I remember previously of customer portal where you revert it back to original design of Manager.

I like to revisit it. particularly self-register feature in server edition except it will need to be approved by Administrator and there will be billing dashboard for monetizing manager accounting web service.

I’m aware it will be long time before we start to discuss the design. since I remember the customer portal model is like overhaul the manager design of how it handle permission and data structure.

Do you have any plan for development or permanently drop the idea?

I’m working on new plugin framework. Manager is getting rather big and with many ideas, I struggle how to fit them into overall program structure while keeping things simple.

A lot of ideas should be simply implemented as plugins and customer portal is something that should definitely be a plugin. So yeah, the idea is not dropped. It was more about how to implement it so it fits properly and I think new plugin architecture is the key.