Selecting fixed asset from statement import

I was working with the statement import and updated 5 or so transactions to fixed assets. Never gave me a choice to classify to which asset I wanted it to go too. I also have not found the account or any audit trail report that gives detail reference support.

Any ideas or comments on what to do here?

Could be just me with operator error.

Never mind

I remembered how to fix it. I have to go back into register and manually update each item for the asset I want it in. Really awkward here. There should be a way to do it on the statement import screen when bulk selecting items or a dialogue box stopping you. You have to look through each transaction if you did not take notes.

Also noted that the fixed asset amount does not change until the amount is classified in the check register. Not sure where it goes on the balance sheet.

Yeah, the bulk categorization was implemented before fixed assets, so it doesn’t recognize fixed assets. The same goes for Accounts receivable, Customer credits and other accounts.

Anyway, if you only select Fixed assets account without specifying the actual fixed asset, the amount will be posted to Suspense account until transaction is fully categorized.