Sale of fixed asset; sales invoice; asset account not visible

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I am trying to use the method described by lubos but I cant select the fixed asset account while adding some line to the sales invoice. Only income and expenses acounts are listed. The assets group does not show up…

Is this a minor bug or am I doing something wrong? I could work around this but it seems like it should be possible to do it the way Lubos described.

First, the post you revived is more than a year and a half old. Several aspects of Manager have changed since then.

So please describe exactly what you are trying to do if the answer below does not solve your problem. The topic subject you referenced was about reversing asset disposal. Your new topic is about selling an asset. You don’t do that with a sales invoice.

If you are selling a fixed asset, use Receive Money in a cash or bank account. Allocate the receipt to Fixed assets and the specific asset’s subacount. This will adjust book value for the asset. In the Fixed Assets tab, edit the asset involved and tick the Disposed fixed asset box, which will allow you to enter the disposal date.

If you are trying to use a sales invoice to bill the buyer of the asset, that is an incorrect approach, because your company is not generating revenue from services or inventory held for sale. You are, instead, selling an asset used for the production of income. The buyer is not acting as a customer in this case, even if they are in other cases. A bill of sale or payment receipt (which you can print after using Receive Money) is the appropriate documentation. For example, if a computer store owns the building where it operates and sells the building, the building buyer would not get a sales invoice the same way as someone who buys a laptop.

I Have the same doubt
Example Fixed asset at cost 75000.00
the buyer for fixed asset needs sales invoice
There is no mapping in sales invoice to link with Fixed asset

Another thing
There is no fixed asset mapping in payment also
for example repair expense for a fixed asset
No Option to link the expense to fixed asset

What version are you using. You can access fixed asset items on the sales invoice form.

You should not link an expense to a fixed asset item.You can use custom fields to capture the details you want. E.g. Fixed Asset servicing order number. If you want to capitalise expenses on a fixed asset item, find the item for the transaction like in the above picture.

I am using free version to study.

You are referring to the edition (desktop, server, or cloud). Version is a number.

You can find the Manager version number at the very bottom of your screen below language such as English. The latest is 21.3.50