Selecting customers by currency type

Hello. When adding a customer there is drop-down list for currencies which allows us to to select appropriate currency. So, we must add multiple names with same customer name but for individual currency type. But when making for example a sales invoice there is no label showing which one has what type of currency. It means, when adding a customer, we need to add the appropriate currency name in front or behind the customer name which makes not good when making PO, SALES ORDER, SALES QUOTE, SALES ORDER and etc… because the currency information is reflected right on the customer name. Isn’t there any other way of this problem solving?

I don’t think so - the design philosophy is that, in general, a customer is always invoiced in his currency

It would seem unusual, to me, to bill a customer in multiple currencies but, no doubt, there are situations where this is usual and normal

We’re a trading company and invoice our customer’s in the currency we buy from our suppliers to avoid huge exchange rate differences when a certain currency has jumped or drop down in results of market defaults. Especially, it is related to long term contracts when delivery/manufacture time of a goods takes from couple of months to several months. Let alone our national currency which lost its force by -100% once in several month.

You could indicate currency as part of customer codes, which do show. They can be included or excluded with choice of theme.