Multiple Currency for a customer

Hi, I have a customer who sells abroad on my behalf. As the customer sells under his company name I would need to set him up as a customer I take it?

Also as the company sells in several countries with different currencies is there a way I can choose more than one currency for this customer. The payments when recorded on manager would be GBP & Euro & USD.

Hi @shruti, i have a similar situation. To solve my problem i open same customer with different currency… like below

Customer A - USD
Customer A - Euro
Customer A - HKD

this might be not the right way but for me its working so far


Thanks @Dietmar i am thinking of doing the same thing myself.

@lubos is there anything that you can do to solve our issue on this one? I would have liked to have only one customer with multiple currency so i don’t have to create multiple customers for this one customer.

What @Dietmar suggested is how it’s meant to be solved.

But in your case, I think you are making matter more complicated than necessary.

Chances are your re-seller will pay you in single currency no matter in which currency the invoice was issued in. So why don’t you agree with your re-seller to standardize on single currency? This way no matter in which currency he sells the product, you bill him in your preferred currency. This way it’s simple for him and for you too as you won’t need to deal with exchange gains / losses.

Good idea @lubos.

I will speak to the the reseller

In General you are right. But my Clients work with different Currencies. I want to have one customer with the overview of his dues under the different currencies. I also want to create invoices in different currencies, when I sell goods exW US and exW France for example. This keeps my risk on the exchange rates down.

Customers can only be denominated in one currency. If you allow them to be in multiple currencies, their Accounts receivable balance would fluctuate with changes in exchange rates. And invoices that were once paid would now become delinquent or overpaid.

So multiple customers, one for each currency, is the only solution.