Security feature / Must missing features

Hi Team,

I am Rohith, I have started using Manger Desktop Software for my Retail Store.
I would like to request some Missing Security Features.

  • Add Login Form to the application, User should be able to authenticate before using it.

  • Selecting database should be in different way, I think below is the correct way to do it. Please provide some tab where user can create company

  • I am creating New Employee, but why to you require password field?

  • In the above image I should make Mobile as mandatory field, I mean there should be customization of fields like mandatory, hide, size of the field (how many characters it can take either number or alphabet or both), etc

  • There should be customized paper printing, I mean in my business printing invoice in A4 sheet is not the best, I am interested to print invoice in half A4 sheet.

  • Does Manager software uses MySQL? I can use MySQL.

The server and cloud editions require login. Only the single-user desktop edition does not.

This is done on the home page. See this Guide:

Update your software. That field was part of a scheme to change operation of the server edition that was abandoned. The field is no longer there.

One of the foundations of Manager is to be as flexible as possible so users can do what they want. Restrictions are applied only when required for operation of the software.

Paper parameters are picked up from email settings. The only options are A4 and letter. This has to do with the internal PDF generator. Themes cannot handle all the different forms to which they are applied and also allow a lot of flexibility in paper selection. The forms simply could not be generated.