Cash at Bank on reports doesn't show individual accounts

I have just completed migration into Manager and all looks good, except for one thing.

I have 2 bank accounts set up under the Bank Accounts Tab, each showing the correct reconciled balances.

But when I run a balance sheet, I just get the combined total under Cash at Bank heading.

How do I fix this so the two accounts show up with their individual balances on reports?

If you want to see bank accounts separately on balance sheet, use custom control accounts.


I have made the custom control account but could not achieve the desired result. Since I have 2 bank accounts I ended up classifying one as a bank account and the other as a cash account, then grouping them under a new header account. This gives me the desired result but wouldn’t work with more than 2.

Not sure what you mean. Don’t worry about cash accounts. You have 2 bank accounts. If you want both of them to show on balance sheet separately, you need to create 2 control accounts which are made up of Bank Accounts.

Then allocate each bank account to its own control account.

I’ve been able to get it done now.