Searching inventory items using multiple words


Is there a way to search inventory items using multiple words without them being an exact phrase?


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Or even better, is there a way to apply filters to the results?

Currently not. However you can use the Export button

and copy the data to a spreadsheet program like Excel, which can do both the things you ask for.

Yes, I often export to excel and use filters etc.
It would just be good to maybe have a dropdown option box when searching so you could choose something like

  • any word
  • all words
  • phrase

In your screenshot if you just typed large apple, it would be good if it only listed the items with both those words.

My inventory currently has 2100 items and is growing daily, searching starts to get hard sometimes :frowning:


I like that idea, let’s see if a mod will move it to the ideas category, @Tut?
If the developer does decide to implement it, don’t expect to see it immediately.


I concur. I very often might need to filter by say @laptops category and then filter by core i5 and then filter by manufacturer. So filter within filter would be really good

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Added to the latest version (18.5.71). Works on every screen where Search function is available.


It does not seem to function for me :frowning:

Are you sure you updated?

See below

The inventory


and the result of the search

You missed the point of the change. The multiple words must all be present within the same record. In effect, the search is an AND, not OR.

ok, now is clear, although an .or. would be also useful

Thank you, thank you, thank you…
I absolutely LOVE it !!!

This now makes my life so much easier :slight_smile:


  1. Can we make this search bar more responsive, like we type a few letters and the list starts getting sorted with the letters in the search rather than typing the whole thing and then hit the search. This is because this system becomes difficult in a few sections like customers, inventory and many other.

  2. Can we add a button “Create Customer” & “Create Buyer” in “Sales Quotes and Sales Invoice” and “Purchase Invoice” respectively. I think that will save a lot of time.


The search function will work on partial words. What you describe isn’t a search, but auto fill.

Is it possible to improve the search field even further by allowing the user to choose how to search for multiple words?
Maybe have a dropdown box or a selection area so that when searching the user could choose from something along the lines of:

  • All Words
  • Any Word
  • Exact Phrase

This would make it so much better :slight_smile:

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