Searching for multi inventory items same

is it possible to search for multiple inventory items by code ?
or even generate report for specific inventory items by code ?

You can both sort and search the Inventory Items tab by code. Then copy to clipboard and paste into a spreadsheet.

means it’s only done one by one, can’t do it for example for tow code like ( cd1234 , cd 4432 ) at the search box ?
its will be useful for comparing multi inventory items if can be

even in custom report I didn’t succeed to chose tow inventory item. the result come blank .
its only accept one code!

did I missed something in custom report ?

The search function returns only records containing everything in the field.

Custom report filters operate only as Boolean AND.

unless for Item Code field. search box its accept only one code

No, the search box will accept more than one. But it will return only records containing all codes entered. And there will be no such records.

You will never get what you want in this way since the WHERE function links the clauses with an AND. So you are searching an item that contains both of them.

A question before I submit you a solution. How about flagging the items inside the inventory items list and get them in custom reports?

its should be support PLUS in that way will give users more function specially when do comparing items

if I am right your solution it’s not every time you wanna compare one it with another have to ge change the flags.
it’s good trick

The opposite. It is “permanent”. The compared ones will always be the flagged ones. If you want to change the list you should change the flag inside items.

thx @Davide This is exactly what I meant . so every time want to change the list flags must changed . think if you have 20 items it will take time to edit it one by one .meanwhile the inventory items not alway must be edited to avoid any mistakes.

search box must have filtered options or supporting multi items code search, will be very useful and more easily

It’s the only solution that cames to my mind. Create a custom field to “compare”. And to show only the items with the flag “compare” active. Do you think that you can create this custom report by yourself or do you need help?

I appreciate your help @Davide its easy for me to do it. this is out my expectation of MANAGER

What kind of data are you searching for? Transactions group by Inventory Items?

exactly, plus inventory item details from different supplier

First of all create a custom field under Inventory Item:

second create a custom report:

the custom report depends so much on what you need to get (this one gets data from Inventory under Assets in BS).

@Davide well done. thanks for your time :+1:
once create custom filed under inventory items will effect at search box too.and its will filtered the result
I was not encourage to add a custom field under inventory items and edit it each time to do comparing but it seems it’s the only solution right now

You are welcome