Late payment causes software crash in Ubuntu 20.04

Using Ubuntu 20.04 Kernel 5.4.0-126 QT 5.12.8
Manager Accounting ver. (Desktop) but problem started with an earlier version.

I’ve suddenly encountered a problem whereby when in the Receipt screen, within the “Received in” section, when using dropdown list in the “Cleared” column and trying to select “On a later date” it will crash/ freeze software.

  • I’ve tried another computer using same OS = same problem.
  • I’ve tried an earlier backup copy = same problem
  • I did notice a payment earlier this week wasn’t accepted and in fact it reverted that transaction back to first date entry was made. Yet on PDF printout at the time all was OK and payment was confirmed. - Since then the problem persists and as mentioned tried an earlier backup file with same problem.

I suspect a recent system update, but I’m not sure.

  • I’ve tried the Windows version and it works there as expected using same file.

→ Update: After spending hours on this problem it appears a recent update to “Libwebkit2gtk” (Ubuntu system component) is the cause,…but still trying to confirm this at this stage.

  • A temporary workaround is turning off “Can have pending transactions” in the “Bank and Cash Accounts” section.

I’m wondering if this is the only place that triggers the crash.

What about Lock Date screen under Settings and clicking on date field in there. Does it trigger crash too?

That section is greyed out but still accessible.
If I go in and select a lock date it works without crashing.

Greyed out just means you did not use it it is not unavailable but just not active.

I have the same problem when creating new receipts and it occurred after an Ubuntu update.
After reading this topic, I started playing around and it seems to be associated with the mouse. If you click on the date at the top and then use the Tab key from then on you can get to the end of the form without any crashes.

Thanks for that.
Can confirm your workaround does in fact work.

Using: Ubuntu 20.04 & Manager Accounting ver. (Desktop)

I have a similar problem with Manager freezing on the Payment page, after clicking in the Payee box.

Workarounds that seem to work:

-using the tab key instead of the mouse (as mentioned by @DavidB )

-cloning a previous payment rather than using “New Payment”, and

-right clicking on the top bar, choosing “Copy link location” and pasting it into a browser.

Same problem here Linux Mint 20.3, Manager v but same problem on previous 2 versions of Manager I downloaded.
Crashes on New Receipt screen if I try to change the Received In Account with the mouse.
Just tried using the tab method and it worked fine.

I’ve just discovered that also in the New Inventory screen when trying to access the “Unit Name” section or some sections like Unit Price, it will also crash.
Even the Tab method causes it to crash.
However, the right clicking on section name and choosing “Copy link location” and pasting it into a browser workaround still works.

What edition, version, and operating system? As you have been part of this thread, you will know the reported issue is quite specific. We don’t know if this new report applies to the same conditions. If not, it should be in a new topic.

As I’ve created this topic I can confirm it is related to mentioned problem.
In regards to operating system, version, etc. see my first entry.

I’m afraid problem still persists in latest version. -

Background: Problem seems to have been triggered when a Ubuntu System update (libwebkit-gtk) was installed mid September.
As this was a security update I guess everyone would have installed it.

Best workaround (at least for me):

Problem appears mostly when doing Payments or Receipts
So instead of clicking on any of those two sections, right click on it and select “Open Link in New Window” or if this doesn’t work select “Copy Link Location” and then opening a browser right click in web-page bar and select “Paste and Go” or “Paste” followed by pressing Enter key.
This will run that section separately and appears to be working fine.
Important: Do not mess with original Manager page as you might end up with conflicting entries. I always completely close and re-start Manager after I’ve used that external browser page.