Screen alignment problem

Another issue is coming screen of Manager on new system changes there is no proper alignment of Quatation . for reff sending you scree shot

Anybody can help me to make this this screen alignment?

This is got to do with what you have done to your theme.
So long as the default theme displays things correctly, it is your responsibility to create a working custom theme.

on display theme its showing correct but when going on View its coming like this ??

Your notes field is very long.
Make it shorter by putting in html carriage returns
see the guide Use HTML code in fields
in particular the simple HTML <br> tag

@iQSmartGlass, you will do better to simply remove the Notes line from your business details. You already have this information in a custom field. Business details are meant for things like addresses, phone numbers, etc., not terms and conditions.

this helped thanks dear now its ok

@iQSmartGlass, in the future, please do not add unrelated questions to an existing topic. That reduces your chances of obtaining help, because people with knowledge may not read your post. This question was not related to data transfer. Your question and all responses to it were moved to a separate topic.

my ist qtn was data transfer only this was the second issue which is resolved now.