18.5.85 Desktop Upgrade Issues

HELP PLEASE!! I just upgraded to 18.5.85 Desktop Verizon and now I am having two issues with my Sales Quotes.

(Issue #1) The Top Boarder of the Sales Quote is very large and does not look right. (see screen shot)

(Issue #2) When I try to Saving the PDF it is automatically using an extremely long name that includes my custom html attributes (In place of Sales Quote, I customized the words Bill of Lading Estimate / Not a Final Invoice).

Here is an Example of how it is trying to Save As … (Susan or Jerry Stanley - -div style=-font-size- 24px–Bill of Lading Estimate-div style=-font-size- 14px–Not a Final Invoice–div- UL.180622-2E–div-.pdf)


When you edit the quote, what exactly is in the field which contains document title? Is there HTML code in it? Can you show screenshot of edit screen?

Yes, there is HTML code in the document title … and when I try to save the PDF, it automatically includes the HTML code as the Save As name.

Why there is HTML code in the field? What are you trying to solve by doing it?

If you want document title to be bigger, then HTML code should go into custom theme. I will probably remove ability to have HTML code in the fields just to avoid these problems in future now that we have custom themes.

Please don’t remove the ability to have HTML code in custom fields - I use this a lot, and don’t have any issues, I don’t want to have to rewrite my forms


As a Moving company, we are required by law to provide a Bill of Lading Estimate. The reason I am using HTML in the document title is the allow a smaller font for the words “Bill of Lading Estimate” in place of Sales Quote … I also need to include the words “Not a Final Invoice”. I currently have the font set at 24px for the title “Bill of Lading Estimate” and then the words “Not a Final Invoice” is even smaller set at only 14px. (see screen shot)

I do not know anything about custom themes … if that is what I need to do, can you please give me step by step instructions on how to do so?

@ILoveMovingUSA, what you are seeing are the breadcrumbs that tell you how you navigated to the page you are viewing. The portion in the top rectangle tells you that you went to the Sales Quotes tab for a customer named Susan or Jerry Stanley, and viewed a document with the title Bill of Lading Estimate Not a Final Invoice, with reference number UL.180622-2E. Because you applied various attributes to the text with HTML, the defaults of the program were overwritten and you ended up with an awkward presentation. The portion of your display that includes the functional buttons results basically from the same thing.

If you had not used the HTML, you might have ended up with something more like this:


And, in my opinion, you would have a perfectly acceptable document header. For this example, no HTML was used. (Ignore the different customer name; that is just who I had in my test company.)

A simple custom field, falling automatically at the bottom of the document, could be used to add the note that the estimate is not a final invoice. No custom theme would be required.

Yes, I understand. But I really like having the words “Not a Final Invoice” at the top where my clients can not miss it! In the last hour I started playing around with Custom Themes and I think I have it worked out. BUT … I do not know how to switch from the Plain theme I am currently using … to the new theme I just created. Can you tell me how I to select my new theme when creating a new quote?

I think if you go to Settings > Form Defaults > Sales Quote and you should be able to select / set your new theme there.

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I tried that Bruanna … I do not see an option to change in Form Defaults under Sales Quote.

Correction … I found it! Thank you!

You can also edit an individual transaction/quote:


That checkbox appears only after themes other than Plain are activated.

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THANK YOU! :sunglasses: