Scanning Barcodes in Sales and Purchase Invoices

I have my inventory set up with the item barcode number in the Internal Name field and the product code in the SKU field. On each line of the sales and purchase invoices, I create a new line, then choose the Inventory on Hand / Sales of Inventory Items account, then scan in the barcode, then select the relevant item from the drop-down.

Is there any way of setting this up so that a new line is added with the relevant account selected, and the item filled when I scan the barcode? Ideally, if the item has already been scanned on that invoice, I would like to increment the quantity.

Do you mean making it so Inventory on hand or Sales of inventory items is automatically selected as an account?

In the Sales Invoice, the account would be Sales of Inventory Items, and in the Purchase Invoice, it would be Inventory on Hand. :smile:

Is there any news on this??? It would also be really helpful if a default customer could be set (Sales Invoice), and an “Update & New” button put at the top of the sales invoice. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I don’t have much experience with this workflow but recently I’ve added ability to select inventory items on sales invoice items.

What it means is that you can create items you sell as sales invoice items. When you select sales invoice item on invoice (the first column), it will auto-fill all reminding fields.

Thanks for your answer Lubos.

I’ve had a look at the link you have put in to inventory items through the sales invoice items, and if my understanding is correct, this would mean I have to input and maintain what would essentially be a duplicate list of inventory (a lot of extra work). The only advantage of this would be that I wouldn’t have to select the relevant account on the sales invoice line.

There are a number of things that would help me with this issue:

1 - ability to set default account for sales invoice lines / purchase invoice lines.
2 - ability to set default customer for sales invoice.
3 - scan mode in sales invoice / purchase invoice which adds a new invoice line with default account and completes the details for the inventory item when it is scanned.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

I know it looks like that way because both forms contain similar fields. In future “sale price”, “purchase price”, “description” etc. fields will be either removed on inventory item level or I’ll make it so inventory item will be able to behave as sales invoice item too.

Why would this be helpful?

Not sure I will go this direction. There are number of ideas I’m exploring. Right now it looks like an alternative user interface which looks like an actual POS is way to go.

Hi Lubos,

Thanks for replying so quickly. :smile:

The reason I was asking about being able to set a default customer, is so that we could have our cash customer as our default customer, and process cash sales more quickly. However, an alternative POS style user interface for the sales invoice sounds absolutely perfect, and would take care of all these issues. I look forward to it! :smile:

Many thanks.