Same Day Transactions can't be reconciled

Hello, i’ve gotten into manager io a couple of days ago and i like it a lot, but i have one issue that has been bugging me to the point of having dreams about :stuck_out_tongue:

Same day transactions are ALWAYS in the wrong order, mainly the income transactions are later than the withdrawal, and when i try to reconcile it, it doesn’t work cause at the end of the day the balance is right.

this is even though the csv file i created to import the bank statement had a different order, so manager is ordering this stuff after import on its own.


Manager doesn’t necessary store transactions in the same chronological order as they are processed.

Will after tinkering a bit it seems that it is related to the reference number it is order alphanumerically.
my bank has letter reference in transaction and something called set seq if i used that number it would have been correct but i used a wrong value when i wrote the csv by hand.

Thanks for the response