Sales Vs. Billable Time

I made a mistake, as a new user, and as a result I have entered my income twice:

  1. I’ve imported my bank statements, and marked income as sales.
  2. I’ve added customers, and then added sales invoices (with billable time under the account), which I’ve received money for.

It turns out, my income is now a combination of sales and billable time.
What should I keep and what should I delete?

Is the received money and the imported bank statement “sales” the same money - if yes
Then re-allocate your imported bank statements entries to Accounts Receivable or Customer credits.

Thanks Brucanna
So I’ve changed the Sales accounts to Customer Credits. Now the income seems ok, but under assets > Cash and Cash Equivalents - it’s still double what it should be. There are now two entries - Customer Credits and Account Receivables .

What should I do now?

Sorry, I hadn’t realised that you had already processed the receipts in addition to importing the bank statement, so the receipts are now in duplication. Delete the Customer Credits entries.

In future, if you are going to do both - Receive Money and Import Bank Statements, delete the imported entries which duplicate the receipts…

OK. Thank you!