Duplicating of accounts recievable - sale in Bank Accounts

I’m having trouble reconciling my bank accounts in Manager.

I do my sales invoices and receive money as per the buttons, however when I try to import my bank statements, it’s now doubled up the payments and if I go through a delete the double up, then the next time I try to do my bank statement it doubles up again or I delete the ones through sales and it says the invoice hasn’t been paid.

What can I do rectify it? Need to be able to have it all correct to pay the next BAS statement.


Is there anyway to delete the bank account and start again???

Hope this all makes sense.

A bank account cannot be deleted if there are any remaining transactions in it. This is a basic philosophy of Manager, because allowing the deletion would lose information.

If you are going to import your bank statement, you should not be entering the transactions. The whole point of importing the statement is to avoid the work of entering a lot of activity.

Thanks Tut

Are you saying that I can’t use the sales invoice section and then say money received… If I don’t say money received through this then says the invoice hasn’t been paid, and it’s not linking back from the bank statement either. I’ve tried to do it that way to. Sorry VERY frustrated.

Have deleted the money received through sales, but then it says it’s not paid, and if I import my bank account then it duplicates all again and isn’t recognising it.

The first month or two worked fine the other way, saying received through sales invoice and balanced fine in bank account.

I want to do bank import so that I don’t have to input all my transactions…

I’m not the best person to answer your questions about importing statements. Personally, I tried it and had all the problems you describe, plus others. So I quit doing it. But I also have relatively few transactions and want to enter them when they occur rather than wait for a statement. In fact, I view the statement as a way of confirming that I have entered everything, not as the primary input source.

But I know others think quite differently. My business is a consulting business. So I make heavy use of Billable Time and Billable Expenses; I create my invoices from those modules and generally receive money from the sales invoices. It sounds like you might do that, too. I think the statement import would be more useful in a retail business, especially an online one.

Hopefully, someone with more applicable knowledge will reply to your post.

Thanks… I’ve now gone through and deleted all my entries and started again. such a pain. Think I’ve got it working but now have a lot more work to do to get everything entered properly again.