Billable Time showing twice on Income

Hi all,

I’ve searched the forum a bit, but can’t exactly find anything on this. I’m new to Manager and bookeeping in general.

I am a mobile mechanical service, so I mainly sell my Labour. I have been trying to set this up as a Billable Time thing. So I enter my Labour charge under Billable Time and then tick the boxes to make a new Sales Invoice. It copies over all the goodies and everything’s fine.

Once I’ve gone back to Summary, I have received payment and hit the “receive money”, entered my incoming payment and that’s fine. When I check my “Income” box, there’s two entries - Billable Time - Invoiced and Sales. As I’ve entered a few other charges on the Sales (from the final invoice sent to the customer) they don’t match.

Am I using Billable Time correctly? Should I be using Sales or Accounts Receivable for incoming paid invoices.

Second Question:
I’ve had to use my personal card while I was waiting for my business card to arrive. I collected the receipts and entered them into the Journal to try and record them as business expenses. They’ve gone to the correct accounts (i.e., my custom Tools and Equipment Expenses account) and show up there, but the Journal entry for all those things shows in my Suspense. This may be a nuance of double entry accounting. Where can I balance out these expenses, or am I incorrectly using the Journal?

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Does your Journal show Balanced in the right hand column when clicking the Journal Tab, if not then the Journal is unbalanced - perhaps you haven’t allocated a balancing Credit which could be your Equity account. Othewise could you post a screenshot of the journal in edit mode.

Normally you would use Expense Claims tab to take up such expenses but if this is going to be a once off situation then the use of the Journal is fine.

Others with Billable Time experiance can answer the first part

Cheers Brucanna, I’ll put a credit to my equity account then, that sounds like it’ll fix it.

Yes, the Journal was unbalanced, which is why it was in Suspense I assume.

Thanks very much for your help, that clears the first thing up.

Just a thought, do I need to delete my Billable Time (Billable Time -> Edit -> Delete) once I’ve invoiced it? It seems like it should disappear when it;s “used” on an invoice.

I can answer all your questions about Billable Time, @HMDieselRepairs. But I dont’ want to bore you with stuff you’ve already seen. Have you read this Guide?

But to answer your most obvious question:

Yes, absolutely, for anything that went out on a sales invoice. Otherwise, that sales invoice will never be paid. And any time that was temporarily being recognized under Billable time - invoiced will remain there forever.

@Brucanna is right about using Expense Claims when you buy things for the company with your personal funds. Make sure you’ve read:

Awesome, thanks Tut. The search bar up the top doesn’t search into the guides. I only just realised it was returning only the forum responses.

Thanks for that, this is a great program, but it’s the community support that has really clinched it for me. I’ve got 3 other friends onto the program now.



You actually can search the Guides topics:

First way is to select the Guides category:

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