Sales Reports for our Sales Manager

I am using Server Edition 17.1.16. Our new Sales Manager wants the following reports:

  1. Sales report showing sales invoices generated for a certain period;
  2. Sales report showing items sold to Clients for a certain period.
    I know that we can create these reports using export buttons, but the thing is, our new Sales Manager has no access on the “Summary” and “P/L statement”. Please let me know what I can do.
    Thank you.

Exactly as you stated - “I know that we can create these reports using export buttons” - so someone will have to create the exports for the Sales Manager

For (1), you could create the P&L based on the certain period, click on any total to get a list of the transactions.
With Windows, right click the screen and select print, otherwise export.

For (2), you could print off the Inventory Quantity Movement report

Thank u so much Sir for prompt response. Any progress regarding Custom Reports? :slight_smile:

Still under development was the last I heard.