Receipts from debtors

I made a credit invoice to a customer and a few days later received payment on account of the same. I tried to post the receipt entry through the receipt tab but the balance in the account receivable section in the summary tab didn’t reduce(why?) while the bank balance increased (which is correct). could you please guide me?

I don’t think you made a credit invoice 'cos then you would owe money to the customer. Just a sales invoice I guess?

Please search the Guides for receipt.

And it’s recommended to post screenshots of the edit screens.

yes, what I meant is a sales invoice that is credit in nature, not cash. Against such invoice if i receive cash later on how do I record that?

View the Invoice and cliick on New Receipt. This is all explained in the guides as @Mark already explained.

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Yeah but it’s so much easier to just ask (again) i.s.o. wasting time on searching and reading a guide. :smile:

Got it…thank you all…the thing is, what I was doing is that while entering the receipt I was selecting the item under the item field which then automatically chooses the account…Right now I skipped choosing the item and thus I had the option of choosing accounts receivable under account field which then leads to customer field and invoice refrence field…so the issue is solved now.

Is this supposed to be sarcasm?