Sales quote moves when copied to sales order or sales invoice

When I copy my Sales Offer to Sales Order, it is not copying but it is cutting. There is no more Sales Offer.

So, when I change things while copying to Sales Order from Sales Offer, so this way, I can’t see my old changes.

You need to illustrate this with screen shots.

First, I create an offer, than I copy this offer to sales order. Whenever I copy it, I can not see my sales offer anymore.

But I have realized that, whenever I delete my sales order, the sales offer comes back.

But since I make changes during copying my offer and sometimes I want to check it back to my offer, now I can’t see it anymore.

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I’m going to see if I can reproduce it. But kindly use Manager terms on the forum. Use Quotes instead of Offer.

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I can duplicate this. It also happens when copying sales quotes to sales invoices. I have moved the topic to bugs and edited the title.

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I’m not able to reproduce this.

Keep in mind, that converted quote to order or invoice will have Status changed to Accepted.

Accepted status will make the sales quote inactive so it will be pushed down the list but it will be still there.

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Oh, I feel like an idiot. I’ve removed this topic from bugs.

But it was working before, i mean when i copy my quote to sales order i was still seeing my quote.

I was checking it because, mostly my quote and orders are different. Maybe i make price change or quantity change.

So now i have to duplicate my sales quote before copying to sales order and than copy, am i right ?

But than u have to change copy to cut i guess :confused:

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It is still working. The sales quote has just moved to the end of the list because it is considered to be accepted.

Only visible sales quotes are those which are active and/or not accepted

@Manger_Z , that is not correct. Those accepted by being linked to a sales order or invoice are moved to the end of the ly, but remain visible.

I have the exact problem when I convert my Sales Quotes to an Order. Quotes disappear… I need to see them for future quotes either to the same client of another requesting the same product.

Scroll down the page(s), you will find it.

Then you have the exact same solution. Please read the entire thread.