Purchase invoices with 0 value disappeared

Under the list of quantity transactions in Inventory Items / Quantity Owned it was possible to see not just the quantities purchased and sold, but also the 0 quantities related to taxes and transport costs. This purchase invoice add to the cost of goods but not to the stock quantities. This helped us a lot verifying that all costs related to specific items were correctly registered. Now these 0 quantities are gone. Is it a bug or a change? Can we have them back?

This is what I see now:

And this is what I used to see (the picture is from an old post):

have you tried a drill-down from the Total cost column instead of Qty on hand column?
in my opinion the drill-down from Qty on hand should show only transactions that affects the quantity and not the value.

As you can see, both pictures I posted show Quantity Owned. There used to be a 0 for those purchases that did not affect the quantity but affected the COGS. Under Total Cost you see the costs associated with a specific items, including the purchase invoices that have 0 in quantity (obviously you do not see the 0 of the quantity). But it was helpful to see those zeros, at least for us.