Sales Order - Display Attributes

If you click on Sales Orders menu. It displays

  1. Date, Ref, Customer, Description.
    I would like to even display the End Date of the Sales Order.

Based on the Sales Order we would also like to know how many Sales Invoices are raised against that Sales Order
And know the Balance Left.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

please search the forum before posting a new topic. this has already been discussed. read the below

Hey There

Please read the question before replying. Inside the View of Sales Order there is an End Date.
But when I display all the Sales Orders, I want to see the End Date and not just the Order Date.

I dnt seem to find a reply for this question in your post that you have already shared.
But thanks for the trouble of looking into it.

the end date was not the only question you asked.

what i was pointing you to was you should post any similar question in the already available topic rather than create a new one.

if you read the guides and forum for ideas you will already know that this can be easily implemented using custom fields.

Hello There

When the field for End Date is already available in the Sales Order table, why would I create a Custom Field. Isnt that unnecessary. It is just being able to customise the display of existing fields.

And could you help me the Custom Query to access the SalesOrders table.
select * from SalesOrders is not working
select * from SalesOrder is also not working. Probably that would give me the END Date also in Display and solve my problem.

Thanks for all your support.

If you are referring to Delivery Date as End Date, this is not available at present.
you should be clear about what you are asking.

Custom reports are still a work in progress. there is no documentation for it yet.